Friday, 11 September 2015

Writing about things that fly

Sometimes we read and sometimes we write with Mrs Field. That's what Reading Detectives do to get better at reading and writing. Most of the time we do both!
We started thinking about what things fly and why? What do they have in common? What is similar to machines and birds when it comes to flying?
We read about machines that fly and hover. We read books about Learing to Fly and one called Feathers and Flight. We read about how an albatross stays out at sea for a long long time and has shaky legs when it comes back to land. The book was called Wibble, Wobble Albatross. Now we know why the author chose that title.
We watched a video clip about a bird learning to fly and just getting away from a shark when it landed on the water! That was close! We watched a video clip about how a plane flies and the science behind it. This helped answer some of our questions but it also gave us more questions to investigate.

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