Sunday, 28 June 2015

Look at our pukeko masks and pastel drawings.

One day our story was Pukeko Morning. 
Mrs Field asked if we had ever seen pukekos around. We all told her about our experiences with them. She laughed at some of our funny stories!
🔎We read some of the story and Mrs Field asked us "What might happen next?"
🔎We know this is called predicting. 
🔎We all had a guess and our predictions all made sense. 
🔎We finished reading the book the next day and we drew our own pukeko with pastel. 
🔎We made up a story for our art and Mrs Field put the caption under our picture. They look great! 
🔎We also made pukeko masks and acted out different parts of the story. When we read the story again, we were so good at reading it. We used lots of expression. We knew just how they pukekos would have been feeling. 
🔎We took our masks home.

It was cool to show everyone in class and at home.

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